This is my first attempt, other than unpublished poetry and lyrics, to create any body of writing that is in any way representative of myself.  I am a multi-instrumental performer, writer, producer and educator who has been hiding out in the Boston area for over a decade.  Many people would argue that I have not been hiding at all, because I have been seen performing in several musical acts all around town.  I have also been present at parades, art festivals, cultural events, and multimedia revelries.  I am often a colorful fixture at these happenings. I am smiling, dancing, presenting, improvising, collaborating, and pouring out my vitality and passion to the public on behalf of many very talented orchestrators and creative directors. I am often seen inciting laughter and mirth-making with close friends and valued associates.

    So, how is it that I have been hiding out? I will tell you how.  Of all of the hundreds, maybe thousands of people who have encountered me as a performer and cultural creative, maybe only a handful of them know what I’m actually all about, when I come home late at night.  I have kept my pretty little mouth shut and watched things happen around me for a long time, now.  I have supported and represented many other artists and creative thinkers, but have seldom shared any truly personal art or opinion in a public way.  Now, through expositions and anecdotes on this blog, I will, for the first time, truly represent myself.  Hi, nice to meet you!  My name is Nicole!  And I make no apologies.

      I do, however, invite debate, dialogue, retorts, rants, questions, comments, criticisms, and cross-examinations. I don’t claim to usher the Truth into a great new era, nor do I consider myself a worthy judge of  Truth, lest I be “shipwrecked by the laughter of the Gods.”   I can only point, stare, and occasionally giggle, since I do have a bit of an attitude these days!  So, if you don’t like the soup, then don’t come back to  this kitchen! If you do like it, then have some more! If you think it could use some more Rosemary, then let me know!

    On that note, I will sign-off on my first open call to the world of BLOG.

Nicole Edgecomb, Everett, Masachusetts.  8:50 PM, March 15th, 2012.